My Feelings Exactly..

1 Feb

Sitting in Starbucks on this slushy city day. The perfect corner window seat snatched up immediately by me as the man occupying the space proceeded to pack as I was receivng my Chai soy latte. The translation was smooth. 2 hours in and I’m getting waves of energy and occasional sleepy trance-like vibes. The toasted chocolate chip cookie in eyes view,sitting behind that nicely shined glass case is teasing me every so often. As well as the idea of getting another tasty latte. While I’m typing this sentence I can spell out the warn out black letters of Lavo that is ever soo clinging onto my hand from several nights back. You can wash your hand several times and the shit will still linger for days. What if I permanently stamped my name on my hand, not so attractive eh? Well I feel that way about clubs marking my skin with their tacky names, it’s become quite embarrassing and not to mention awkward. Embarrassing because why would I want the word Lavo on my hand, like wtf does Lavo mean if your not Spanish? Awkward because if you told someone that you in fact did not end up going out, and they spot Avenue on your hand, your trapped/screwed/fired.

Great Starbucks drink idea:


-Apple Pie Cinnamon Latte

-Orange & Berry ginger hot tea

-White chocolate almond latte

-Vanilla bean strawberry latte


Starbucks, if your reading this please give me credit this time for work I have given you. (I will never show my face in your commercial again without pay)

love, Ja’mie



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