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Speaking of Boobs..

1 Aug

…Because they are such a natural part of the female anatomy, we must not shy away from holding them to the same standard as kneecaps.. The fact that we put soo much emphasis on them totally blows. I have large boobs therefore feel self conscious in certain outfits. Weird? I don’t think so..

The smaller your boobs are the larger you want them (for most people) and the larger your boobs are (without surgery) you envision how wondrous and free it would feel to “lighten the load,” for instance- the load of weight, preconceived notions, unwanted attention, and tricky clothing picking out situations..

After a great night of conversation and catching up over dinner with a friend tonight (AKA new age therapy)((more to add on a later day)) I started my journey home and the moon was fresh and new, smiling down on me with a beam of light to guide me safely back into the East village. I could feel the rain start to drizzle and I quickly realized I was wearing a white tshirt.. Of course the last ten minutes I had before entering my apt building, were spent thinking about how unfortunate it would be for rain to come down harder and prep me for a white tshirt contest right then and there on the street. I could see the boys smiling as I passed, me picking up more speed with every falling droplet. Luckily I made it home in time and ended up with an interesting wooden spice box left on the side of the street.

But what I’m trying to say is.. regardless if I did end up drenched with rain, I don’t want to be so caught up in the idea that yes people are staring at me. Although it would be super awkward for me to nonchalantly walk around with my boobs all highlighted and a big smile on my face.. So maybe the point to this story is that I need to start carrying an umbrella?? to not find myself in such a position..


have a wonderful evening and enjoy the new moon!