About Muah


Refraining from any vain unpleasantry, I’ll try to keep this “about me,” as real and interesting as possible.

New York City has gradually become my artistic dwelling in the past months. Although I’ve switched residences over 6 times with occasional nights at hotels and (wherever I can crash) abodes, I’ve pretty much been located around the various buroughs/sectors/ghettos of the city. It’s safe to say or awkwardly assumed, however you want to take it, that I have an improved respect for the homeless, jobless, poor and hungry. Confusion befriends me as you can tell by the dizzy focus I initially started my blog with. A mismatch of articles on pondering thoughts, personal poetry entries and occasional spastic tales of me in the city. However, I now want focus with this blog but cannot part with old posts, therefore will leave them be.



One Response to “About Muah”

  1. Suefredericks May 31, 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    You should be a writer

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